Smartphone security is getting more and more complex. We've gone from passwords and patterns to iris and facial recognition. Apple's FaceID seems to be the current standard-bearer, and with it comes fun new issues. Samsung is looking to take it a step further, according to a new patent application. They want to scan the lines on your palm. While palm recognition in itself isn't too different from what's come before, it's what scanning your palm does that's interesting.

Samsung isn't looking into another way to unlock your phone. There are already plenty of ways to do that. What the palm-recognition would actually unlock, using a picture of your palm, would be your password hint. And it wouldn't just be displayed on the screen, but scattered across the lines of your palm so that anybody unfamiliar with your password would see borderline gibberish while you would (theoretically, hopefully) would recognize your hint in there somewhere and suddenly remember your password.

There's no way to know if this will have any legs. The insert body part here-scanning field is already pretty full. Plus, we don't even know if the patent will even come to fruition in the first place. The one thing we do know is that Samsung is apparently run by The Riddler now.

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