The release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is imminent. It’s a quality phone in a quality series produced by a quality company, so you can rightfully expect your wallet to feel quite a bit lighter after procuring one. Though thanks to a promotion being run by Samsung, it won’t cost as much as you think.

If you pre-order the Note 4 from any carrier or retailer in the US between today, September 19th and October 16th, and trade in any working smartphone, you can get a guaranteed total trade-in of $200. That is a nice chunk of change, especially if the phone you’re trading in isn’t cutting edge. You can check out the specific instructions – where to go, when to go, what info to put in – on Samsung’s official promotion page.

In a nutshell, it works like this: you trade in your phone towards the Note 4 with whatever retailer you choose. They credit you whatever they think the phone is worth. If that credit is less than $200, Samsung will cut you a check for the difference, at a minimum of $10. So if the retailer gives you $150 for your used phone, Samsung will send you a check for $50 so that you get a grand total of $200. The “rebate” isn’t instant, but it’s a generous one.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 arrives on October 17th.

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