Good news my Canadian friends! Rogers Communications, which I understand is a pretty big deal up in the Great White North, is expanding their coverage to bring 60% of the Canadian population some sweet LTE before the end of the current year.

The following areas are scheduled to get Rogers LTE service no later than October 1, which is less than three weeks away: Barrie, Cambridge, Burlington, Oakville, Waterloo, Kitchener, Kingston, Edmonton, London, and Quebec City.

According to Rogers, most LTE customers get speeds of 12 Mbps to 40 Mbps, while the theoretical maximum is 100 Mbps. Our own Michael Kwan, who lives in the Vancouver area, claims to have gotten speeds up to 42 Mbps, but averaged 14 to 25 Mbps. Rogers also claims to offer the largest selection of LTE devices in the country, a collection that they plan to expand in the future. Given the size of Rogers Communications, and their subsidiaries like Fido and Chatr, that’s probably true.

via Talk Android

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