Well this is an unfortunate turn of events. Once upon a time, RIM’s stock reached a high of $14.46 thanks to the anticipation of the company’s new BlackBerry 10 reveal. And yet just two days after said reveal, the stock has hit an eight-year low of $11.91 on the Toronto Stock Exchange. I guess people didn’t like what RIM CEO Thorsten Heins had to show them.

This isn’t very uncommon and hopefully once consumer interest grows in BlackBerry 10, so will RIM’s stock prices. This is especially unfortunate given that RIM was finally starting to come back from a downward turn. Even though I ditched my BlackBerry for Android a few years ago, I’m still a big fan of RIM and what they’ve done with BlackBerry. Let’s hope this is a minor setback and won’t seriously hinder the company’s resurgence.

via The Verge

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