Those who have been hoping to see subtitles in their local cinemas may be getting their wish. Subtitle-displaying glasses have been toyed with for a while, but now Sony is teaming up with Regal Entertainment Group to start releasing them in the US. Regal is bringing the glasses to almost all of its digital theaters, which is over 4,700 screens.

The glasses will work with both 2D and 3D movies, but for 3D they will require a clip-on filter. The glasses can display closed-captioned text right on the lenses, in up to six different languages. When paired with headphones, visually-impaired moviegoers can also get descriptive audio. The glasses are coming to some theaters this month and should be fully rolled out by first quarter of 2013.

Is there anything that technology can’t do? The answer is no. Let’s hope that this new addition doesn’t inflate the price of movies the way that 3D has.

via Engadget

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