Do you know how you can tell when a technology is going mainstream? It’s when you start to witness a dramatic reduction in price to the point where the average person may feel compelled to pick one up. We’ve seen this happen with smartphones and tablets. Now, we’re seeing it happen in the world of 3D printers, as evidenced by the Dual Extrusion 3D Printer from Monoprice. They have it up for pre-order for just $1,199 and that includes free ground shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

We thought that the sub-$2,000 asking price for the Tinkerine Studios Ditto Pro 3D Printer was impressive!While this Monoprice 3D printer undercuts the Tinkerine offering by a good $800 or so, it doesn’t really offer the same level of refinement and class. That said, it sounds like the Dual Extrusion 3D Printer will do everything you need something like this to do. It’ll print with your choice of ABS, PLA or PVA filaments and it comes bundled with two rolls of PLA 1kg filament (one black and one white).

The black powder-coated metal housing has a little more of an industrial look to it and, if you only caught a glimpse of it, you’d swear it was just a computer case. The dual extrusion head means you can handle two color print jobs and it’ll support layer thicknesses between 0.1 and 0.5mm. It prints at a rate of 24cc per hour. The Monoprice 3D printer itself measures 8.9″ x 5.7″ x 5.9″ and weighs 28.7 lbs.

As mentioned, the pre-order price is $1,199 on this 3D printer. If you let that pass you by, then you may be looking at its regular list price of $2,500. That said, this is Monoprice we’re talking about, so I’m sure they’ll have more deals now and then.

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