The relationship between magnets and electronics has come a long way since I was a kid and I put a magnet on our CRT television screen, leaving a big purple blotch that never went away.

Instead of ruining things, the FUEL iON system from Patriot uses magnetic power to charge your iPhone 5/5S or your Samsung Galaxy S4. Simply insert your phone into the FUEL iON case, which is equipped with a magnetic charging port on the back, and then use that magnetic power to snap it to the base, which will charge your phone as quickly as a corded connection. As a bonus, the base doubles as a stand, and you can rotate your phone to adjust the viewing angle.

The case/stand combos will run you $79.99 and offer 360-degree protection thanks to both the case and a flip cover that protects the screen. There’s also a FUEL iON charge pad for $29.99 and a car charger for $49.99. All of these products are available now. A version for the Galaxy S5 should hit in time for the holiday season.

Eighty bucks seems like a lot, especially if you’re not rolling in cash, but cords really are a pain in the neck. I’m always running over cords in my computer chair or I have to fish one out from between the wall and a piece of furniture because it fell between. I don’t look at the price tag as an expense that gets me a charge, but rather something that’s a step towards a cord-free existence.

Check out the FUEL iON video below, as well as the press release.

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Patriot Reinvents Wireless Charging with the Release of FUEL iON.

Using the power of magnets, FUEL iON is a revolutionary way to charge mobile devices without the hassle of using a power cord. Far more efficient than competing wireless inductive charging technologies, FUEL iON is a magnetic power solution that includes a protective phone case and charging base.


At the heart of FUEL iONs slim, stylish and fully protective case is a robust magnetic power transfer pad that uses incredibly strong neodymium magnet technology to automatically secure the phone by simply making contact with the charging base. It then provides a snap to position rotational axis for viewing your phone in vertical or horizontal orientation. Once connected FUEL iON charges as fast as a corded connection.

The Ecosystem



FUEL iON Case Kit
The FUEL iON ecosystem includes a case and charge base bundle for the iPhone 5/5S and Samsung S4. FUEL iON’s case features easy installation and 360? protection. The iPhone 5/5S case has a unique slide to connect MFi certified lightning connector to secure and power up the phone. The Samsung S4 case simply snaps onto the back of the phone and has a protective flip cover to shield the screen from scratches.


FUEL iON Charging Pad

Designed to be slim and stylish, the FUEL iON Charging Pad provides the perfect solution for home or travel. Simply slip the ultra slim pad into a travel bag, or set its minimalist design on a nightstand to have the power of wireless magnetic charging at your convenience. Lay an iPhone 5/5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 using the FUEL iON case on the pad to magnetically secure and charge the device.

FUEL iON Car Charger

Designed to provide a flagship hands free experience in the car, the FUEL iON Car Charger provides simple installation on any car windshield or smooth dash surface. Once installed, the FUEL iON Car Charger allows for simple one handed connection to secure and charge an iPhone 5/5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 using the FUEL iON case.

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