The whole fiasco with the exploding Galaxy Note7 has evolved into a running joke online, but Samsung certainly isn’t laughing. It was a very embarrassing and costly fiasco. That’s why even though the company said they were going to destroy all the recalled phones, that’s only partly true. The Galaxy Note7 will soon live again as the Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) and now we’ve got some more details on the “relaunch” of sorts.

Technically speaking, the Galaxy Note FE and the Galaxy Note7 are not the same phone, but the former will be utilizing almost all of the same parts as the latter. I’m not entirely sure if this means they’re reconstructing the phones or they’re simply refurbishing them. What I can say is that practically all the parts are the same, save for the battery.

The faulty battery that was prone to spontaneous combustion is being replaced with a smaller 3,200 mAh battery that should be less likely to blow up. Apparently, this new version has been “enhanced with multiple safety designs” to aid in this effort. Along with the new battery, the Galaxy Note FE will also get the Bixby digital assistant.

You can almost caption the photo at the top with one of them saying, “Check out my new phone. It doesn’t explode like the last one and it comes with a digital assistant that no one actually wants!”

All joking aside, Samsung is limiting production of the Galaxy Note FE to about 400,000 units and the phone will exclusive to the South Korean market. It’s set to hit stores there on Friday with an expected retail price north of $600. Although I really liked the Galaxy Note7 (before the whole explosion thing), I can’t see why someone would want an FE when the Note 8 is just around the corner. But there you have it. Just handle with care.

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