Differences in currency can make a monumental difference in the actual cost of products when you compare the price across borders. While it might sound like a $120 Bluetooth speaker in Canada is more expensive than the same speaker for $100 in the United States, given the current exchange rates, the Canadian price is actually cheaper. And that has now come to pass with the Nexus 5X from LG and Google too, because the price has been slashed by sixty bucks for shoppers north of the 49th parallel.

You have to realize how far the Canadian dollar has fallen against the American dollar. This time last year, a single American dollar would buy you about $1.19 Canadian. Take that same American dollar today and you’d get closer to $1.42 Canadian in exchange. That’s a huge swing. Even compared to when the Nexus 5X (and Nexus 6P) were announced last September, there’s been about a 10 cent swing in value.

That’s why this Nexus 5X price drop sounds even more enticing. Up until now, the 16GB and 32GB models of the phone were being sold for $499 and $559, respectfully, in Canada. As of today, those prices sink to just $439 and $499. But hey, the price has dropped in the US listing in the Google Store too, bringing the 16GB and 32GB Nexus 5X down to $349 and $399. That’s in US dollars, of course, so if we were to convert those over to Canadian, they’d be about $498 and $570.

There’s no saying in which direction the currency exchange is going to move for the rest of the year, but based on today’s rates, we Canucks are getting the better deal on the newest “affordable” smartphone from Google.

Via MobileSyrup and Android Police

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