I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t have any actual plans to get one, but the possibility has always appealed to me. What would I get, though? I’ve considered the Daredevil logo, as I’m big fan of the character and it would double as my initials. There’s also a quote from Farenheit 451 that I really like, so maybe just a small, out-the-way scribbling of that that I could glance at every now and then.

Or maybe a tattoo on my throat that could double as a smartphone microphone, like the ones that Motorola want us to wear.

The folks over at Engadget have stumbled across a Motorola patent application that shows the company is looking into a new form of “wearable” tech: a microphone, complete with transceiver and power supply, that is nestled away in a throat tattoo.

The idea is that the you would get sound completely free of background noise and that sound would be transmitted to a mobile device via Bluetooth, NFC, or something similar. The patent also mentions the possibility of “other animals” using the tech. Welcome to the future! The horrifying future.

via Engadget

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