We’ve been following the Windows 10 saga over on the Futurelooks side of things and I’ve been dipping my feet in the world of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for a couple of weeks. One of the “big picture” ideas with Windows 10 (aside from skipping Windows 9 altogether) is that Microsoft wants to provide more of a unified experience across not only touch-enabled laptops and not-so-touchy desktops, but also with tablets and smartphones. And so, the other part of the equation here has to include Windows Phone 10.

Or Windows 10 for Phones. Or Windows 10 Phone. We’re still not completely sure what Microsoft is going to call this thing and I’m thinking the team in Redmond are still arguing over the matter. I know for the longest time, my less tech-savvy friends were calling it Windows 7 Phone when I kept trying to remind them the platform was called Windows Phone 7. But I digress.

Whatever you want to call it, Windows Phone 10 looks like it will be officially unveiled to the world at a special Microsoft event next Wednesday, January 21. It’s being promoted as a Windows 10 event, but there’s a good chance that the mobile side of things will make a splash, in addition to more Xbox, Cortana and other features for the main Windows 10 operating system. The Consumer Preview might be announced too. Aside from that, we don’t really know what to expect on the Windows 10 mobile side.

We could see several features in the mobile version of Windows 10 that mirror what we’re seeing in development for Windows 10 desktop. That’ll mean more Cortana, more Xbox, more Start Menu, more OneDrive and more cross-device integration. And maybe a new Spartan web browser for mobile too.

Via MobileSyrup

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