Remember Microsoft Outlook? I don’t either. Microsoft is rebooting its nearly two decade old email client, dropping the “Microsoft” part of Outlook, and making the experience feel “clean” and “connected”. It’ll feature a less-cluttered design with less intrusive ads, adding in Facebook and Twitter integration (with Skype on its way), as well as 7GB of storage. They’ve also incorporated a convenient way to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters.

While the service isn’t fully out of the gate yet, a preview is under way and you’re able to head to and sign up for an account. You might want to do that soon to grab the handle that you want. As for Microsoft’s other email service, Hotmail, those users will be prompted to switch over to Outlook.

I gave Outlook a quick test drive and, while I don’t see any real reason to stray from my beloved Google, Microsoft’s new service seems impressive enough. I imagine that it’ll be a big hit with people who actively use Microsoft Office.

via Tech Crunch

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