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Fan Expo has its origins back east, but with Fan Expo 2012 last year, the massive geek fest made its official debut here in Vancouver. The 2013 Vancouver Fan Expo is even bigger and badder, filling the halls of the Vancouver Convention Centre with all sorts of crazy goodness from the worlds of comic books, graphic novels, anime, movies, TV shows, sci-fi and so much more. MEGATechNews was on location to cover the event and we've put together a little video for you guys

James Armstrong (0:25) - It takes a lot to put together such a massive event, so we talked to principal organizer James Armstrong about what it took to gather up all those vendors, exhibitors and celebrities into a single space and what he is expecting to achieve with Fan Expo 2014.

Michael Banyaer (2:10) - He may not exactly be a household name, but you might recognize his voice. That's because Banyaer played "Bob" on the hit animated series ReBoot in the 1990s. He talks about voice work then and now, and how it is possible for you to be a voice actor from the comfort of your own home.

Kurtis Wiebe (3:39) - Comic book adaptations are huge, especially when you get picked up by big publishers. That's exactly what is happening with Kurtis Wiebe, the comic artist behind Peter Panzerfaust. Published by Image Comics, which also publishes the Walking Dead series, Peter Panzerfaust is now being adapted into a motion comic and then developed into a TV series voiced by Elijah Wood, Ron Perlman and Summer Glau.

Peter Kent (5:11) - I'll be back. There are few action stars quite as iconic as Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it was actually Peter Kent who was doing the awesome stunt work in movies like Predator and Terminator 2. In fact, Peter Kent worked as Arnold's body double for 15 years! If you're interested in becoming a stunt actor yourself, check out Peter Kent's School of Hard Knocks to get some (literally) kick-ass training.

Mikey (6:06) - Michael Ed Miller, who goes simply by "Mikey" in art circles, has put together a great collection of video game inspired art using layered spray paint on panel with stencils. If you're a fan of Mega Man, Punch Out, and all those other classics from the 80s and 90s, you'll want to have a look at his work.

Soska Twins (6:35) - Jen and Sylvia Soska are a couple of "twisted sisters" who produced a horror movie called American Mary. It's about a medical student who grows disenchanted with the traditional profession, getting drawn into the world of underground surgeries and body modifications for easy money.

Ghostbusters of BC (8:27) - If there's something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Todd Whalen from Ghostbusters of BC, of course! If you're a fan of the franchise--not just the movie, but also the video games, comic books and cartoons--you'll definitely want to get in touch with Slimer and the crew.

The 501st Legion (9:24) - Star Wars. There are few science fiction franchises quite as epic as Star Wars. The 501st Legion is an organization dedicated to the bad guys of the Star Wars universe and we spoke with Shawn Trainor, Commanding Officer of Badlands Garrison, to learn a little more about what they're all about.

Reboots, Remakes and Sequels (10:36) - Is Hollywood really running out of fresh ideas? Fans and celebs share their thoughts on the reboots, remakes and sequels of their most treasured franchises. Do you prefer the lens flare of JJ Abrams or the massive explosions of Michael Bay?

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