I have a tendency to beat headphones into the ground. The only USB headset that I own only has one working side. You can hear something rattling around in the other side when you move them, which is most likely related to it not working. I own a pair of traditional headphones too, but the padding on one of the sides regularly falls off, exposing the hard surface underneath. And then there’s another pair with padding that’s tearing away a little bit at a time and those bits stick to my head and neck.

I don’t do well with headphones.

Enter the Rosewill Sonas, as part of their R-Studio line of audio products. They’re not as big as my big pair of headphones, but they’re certainly bigger than my smaller pair. This mid-size form factor, coupled with their ability to fold up nicely, makes them easily portable while still feeling well made when you hold them in your hands.

The Importance of Comfort


I prefer using headphones over traditional speakers. I use my computer to play games and watch movies and television shows, and I think headphones do those experiences proper justice more than standard speakers do. Since I use them for everything, I’ll often be wearing them for hours at a time (I should really get outside more), so it’s of the utmost importance that the headphones feel comfortable even after hours of use.

The good news is that Rosewill Sonas doesn’t skimp on the padding. The cups are very soft. Theres also padding along the underside of the headband, so that youre not pressing your skull into hard plastic. Unfortunately, I have large ears and the cups dont quite cover them completely. My ears are pressed against my head which leads to extreme discomfort after extended periods of time. In fairness, Rosewill does not advertise that one size fits all, but my ears arent comically huge and I cant imagine that Im the only one who will experience this issue.

In short bursts (and by short I mean no more than a few hours), the headphones feel great. That said, Im sure there are those out there who feel that they should be able to wear their headphones practically indefinitely and not have to worry about their ears getting mangled.

Ear Candy


While Im in no way an audiophile, I absolutely understand the importance of sound. When I play games or watch movies, Id like something similar to the surround sound experience without the hassle of hanging multiple speakers around the room. With a total of eight drivers, the Sonas give me that experience. The improvement in quality from my old, no-name over-the-ear headphones to the Rosewill Sonas is fantastic. The ability to pinpoint noise direction in videogames can be crucial and the Sonas delivered on that front in a major way.

While the sound is crisp, I did experience minor issues with the bass being too heavy, though this doesnt come into play unless youre blasting audio at eardrum-shattering levels. Save your eardrums, kids. It will stave off the inevitable failing of your ears and sound better!

Extra Goodies


The Sonas come in a sleek package that they can be folded into comfortably, but theres really no reason to put them back in the box when Rosewill provides a nice velvet bag for carrying them around. The audio cable detaches from the headphones, which is surprisingly convenient for walking around and listening to music, as I can quickly pull the cord out and wrap the headset around my neck when I need my ears and I dont have this wire dangling in front of me. It also comes with an extension cord, which has been a lifesaver given that my PC is just out of reach of the normal cord length.

Theres also an included microphone for making phone calls and whatnot. The reason I didnt give this feature its own section is because it shouldnt factor into your decision to get the Sonas. Its an afterthought. Its functional and will work in a pinch, but I preferred simply taking the headset off when I got a phone call. To each his or her own, of course, but these headphones are about receiving sound, not sending it.

Thumbs Up for Rosewill Sonas


The Rosewill Sonas can be purchased for around $60, depending on where you look. While that isnt cheap, its certainly more affordable than some of the high-end sets available and they perform more than adequately. The issues Ive mentioned the so-so mic, the heavy bass, my elephant ears dont do much to hurt the overall quality of the product. Keep your sound at a reasonable level, forget the microphone, and take them off every two or three hours and youll be completely satisfied with the Sonas.

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