LUXA All Aluminum H5-Note Car Mount Holder viewing angles have also been increased to offer a truly 360° viewing

Cell phones and cars don’t make for very good bed buddies, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Sometimes you’re lost and you need your phones navigation app to get you where you’re going. Sometimes you have a very important phone call, either outgoing or incoming, and pulling over to the side of the road isn’t an option. In instances like this, it’s important that you keep your eyes on the road and the easiest way to do that is with a car mount with the bigger and badder H5-Note from LUXA2.

The 360° All Aluminum H5-Note Car Mount Holder is the follow-up model to LUXA2’s previous H5 car mount and they’ve improved its functionality while keeping all of the things that made the original model so successful. It retains the same sturdy, long-lasting aluminum frame that will hold up when the sun turns your car into an oven or when the winter months turn your car into whatever the cold equivalent of an oven is. Maybe an igloo? Anyway, the new H5-Note can take a beating.

The change in name, from the H5 to the H5-Note, signifies a new era of larger smartphones. This new mount will hold phones with display sizes between four and six inches. They’ve also increased the viewing angles and the mount can be swung, rotated, and adjusted vertically and horizontally to make sure you can get whatever angle you’re most comfortable with. It doesn’t have to be mounted on the dashboard, either. It can also be mounted on the windscreen for even more flexibility.

The H5-Note Car Mount Holder retails for $49.99. Check out the full press release below.

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LUXA Release the New 360° All Aluminum H5-Note Car Mount Holder

Taipei, Taiwan ?May, 20, 2014? LUXA2 releases the follow up model of their highly successful H5 predecessor in the form of the new H5-Note Car Mount Holder. LUXA2 have taken all the design compliments from the original H5 car mount holder, kept them, and further developed various features that comes with the ever growing demands of modern day society for a truly more enjoyable user experience.

The sturdy all-aluminum body has been kept to provide that premium look and feel that every user dreams of, and by using aluminum it ensures that the H5-Note is able to withstand all types of weather conditions that may arise in normal use such as; high heat and extreme cold environments which other materials would be more vulnerable to; coupled with the normal wear and tear of everyday use.

Due to the popularity and rise of larger displayed smartphone devices in the market today, the H5-Note has undergone a design change to compliment the above and is compatible with all smartphones with a display size between 4” – 6”. Viewing angles have also been increased to offer a truly 360° viewing again that encompasses rotational, horizontal, vertical and swing actions for ultimately user-friendliness and convenience for the user. Another unique feature with the H5-Note is that it can be placed on both dashboard and windscreen giving you added flexibility in your choice of viewing.

For a Safer and Easier Journey, let the H5-Note Car Mount Holder be your preferred travel car accessory for all your smartphone needs. Choose LUXA2.

H5-Note Car Mount Holder suggested price : USD 49.99
Further information about H5-Note Car Mount Holder is available online:

Key features include:

  •  High-grade all-aluminum design
  •  Compatible with display size of 4” – 6”
  •  Dual Mount Functionality: dashboard and windscreen
  •  Patented hinge design with grip lock mechanism
  •  True 360°viewing rotation
  •  120°vertical viewing
  •  180°horizontal viewing
  •  180°swing viewing


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