The relative usefulness of a smartwatch continues to a point of contention among many a gadget enthusiast. As it turns out, you will soon be able to use your Apple Watch for more than just raising Tamagotchi, as the next software update could turn the wearable into a veritable podcast companion. And that's both as a consumer and as a creator.

Along with iOS 9, this fall will also see the introduction of watchOS 2 for the Apple Watch. Among the new features and enhancements the software update will bring is enhanced podcast functionality. As a consumer, you'll find that watchOS 2 supports local, long-form audio playback, as would be the case with listening to podcasts.

This has a few key advantages. First, the audio can continue to play in the background even when the app isn't at the forefront, allowing you to continue doing whatever it is that you're doing. Second, it supports better playback control, in case you want to skip ahead. And third, it supports local playback, so you don't need to have the Apple Watch paired to your iPhone in order to listen to your podcasts. That's perfect for the gym or for a jog around the block.

In order to enjoy your podcasts on the go, you will need to connect a set of headphones to your Apple Watch. They won't play through the tiny internal speaker, which is probably for the best.

From the perspective of the content creator, watchOS 2 will let you record audio using the Apple Watch too. This goes beyond the short voice memos you may already be making, recording long-form audio... like creating your new podcasts. I can't speak to the quality of the recording, but then again, I can't speak to the quality of many podcasts either.

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