According to Techcrunch, hardware manufacturer Razer is in talks to acquire Ouya, the company that took their Android-based console to Kickstarter a couple years ago with a million-dollar goal and succeeded by raising $8.6 million. They then received an additional $15 million from investors.

Still, despite Ouya’s innovation and their wild success right out of the gate, it’s not easy being the first of your kind, and Ouya was very much in uncharted territory with their Android-based television console. Companies like Amazon and Google saw their success and not only replicated it, but were able to learn from the mistakes that Ouya had to make.

Still, Ouya perserved, and just this year received another $10 million in investments with plans to enter the Chinese console market. That deal, which was with the Alibaba Group, valued the Ouya at somewhere between $60 and $80 million. Ouya clearly still has value, as evidenced by Razer’s interest in the company. Next to nothing is known at this time about the deal, but we’ll keep you updated as the details come out.

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