If you believe all the rumors, then we’re only about a week away from the official unveiling of the new iPhone 5 from Apple. Even so, it looks like some sort of pre-production unit has been stolen from the Foxconn factories and a video has been posted on the Internet of the iPhone 5 being booted up.

Unfortunately, because the stolen iPhone 5 couldn’t be registered, it doesn’t really boot up properly. This is to be expected, but the video still confirms a lot about the new iPhone, assuming that this really is a legitimate video of what we’ll be seeing next week.

In the video, we can quite clearly see the bigger screen compared to the current iPhone 4S, as well as the centered FaceTime camera above the display. You’ll also notice the two-toned backplate, the smaller dock connector, and the slightly thinner profile. You can also see that the headset jack has been moved to the bottom of the new iPhone and the metal antenna band has been removed.

Are you getting the new iPhone? Or are you more inclined to consider the next-generation of Nexus devices from Google?


Via GR

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