One of the more frustrating challenges you may encounter on your worldly travels is staying connected with friends and family back home. Or with your fellow travelers for that matter. You can hop around between Starbucks and McDonald's locations in search of WiFi, but that's awfully inconvenient too. What if you can communicate for free, using the local cell network, and not pay a dime for the service? That's the new promise put forth by KnowRoaming.

The company already offers an international roaming service so that, with one SIM, you can roam on the local network on a number of countries around the world. You have to pay for that service, though, if you want to have talk, text and data.

In a new blog post, KnowRoaming says that you can use WhatsApp on your phone for free. That includes all the text-based messages you want, in addition to videos, pictures, sound clips, and WhatsApp-powered voice calls too. Of course, you need to pay if you want anything beyond WhatsApp, but that's a huge plus. And you can send GIFs and live photos too.

The catch, and you knew there'd be one, is that you need to buy a KnowRoaming product. The global SIM card is $9.99 and the global SIM sticker, which you attach to your existing local SIM, is $29.99. With the latter, it only connects to foreign networks when you're traveling, staying dormant when you're at home. This offer is also applicable with their mobile hotspot.

The assumption, of course, is that you'll like KnowRoaming so much that you start paying for the real service. Rates vary by destination.

  • Pht

    Below are voucher codes gathered in this thread, seems most offer 30% Off purchase of SIM card + additional

    free $5 credit / FB/Twitter $5 bonus.


    I am not sure if you can use it or if it is expired

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