One of the bigger drawbacks to iDevices is that they are set in the amount of storage they have. Unlike some other smartphones and tablets, they don’t have memory expansion slots. Kingston is addressing this issue in a very creative way: the Kingston Wi-Drive.

What they’ve done is take some flash memory, put it into a pocket-friendly device, and added Wi-Fi connectivity. What you get is something about the same size as a (slim) smartphone that can expand the storage of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by 16GB or 32GB. And it does this through a secure Wi-Fi connection. And it can do this with up to three iDevices simultaneously.

You access this additional storage through the free app, which you can get through the Apple App Store. The app even comes with a built-in music player, photo view, and video player, so you don’t have to shift between apps to enjoy your content. Pretty darn slick!

For now, the Wi-Drive is only for Apple iDevices, but Kingston has plans to expand support to including other platforms like Google Android. We also hear that they’re working on integrated Dropbox support too. The 16GB model has an MSRP of $129.99, while the 32GB is $174.99.

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Kingston Digital Transforms iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Storage Capabilities

New Wi-Drive Stylishly Delivers Wireless, Portable and Shareable Storage

COMPUTEX Taipei and Fountain Valley, CA — (June 1,, 2011) — Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the sleek and functional Wi-DriveTM, built to address the ever-increasing storage needs of Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users ( Wi-Drive, a wireless, portable storage solution, allows users to expand the number of documents, images, music and video files they can access from Apple devices. The combination of this storage expansion, file sharing and a rugged portable form factor makes it a perfect companion device

Wi-Drive, along with its app from the App Store SM, allows users to stream videos, access music or share files with other Apple device owners. The distinctively designed, pocket-sized Wi-Drive utilizes Flash-based technology to store data from USB-compatible PCs. These files are then easily retrieved via Wi-Drives built-in wireless signal without requiring cables or an Internet connection. Three users can work simultaneously with different file types from a single Wi-Drive without any performance disruption.

Wi-Drive is an ideal solution for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users who feel confined by their current storage capacity, said Andrew Ewing, Flash memory business manager, Kingston. Wi-Drive allows Apple device owners to wirelessly manage document and media files, and choose to share them with others, while on the go for work or pleasure. This unique functionality, combined with the durability of a Flash-based device, will satisfy both casual users and the most discerning technophiles.

To begin using Wi-Drive with any of the compatible Apple products, users simply drag and drop files from their PC to Wi-Drive via USB cable, similar to a typical USB Flash drive data transfer. Users then download the Wi-Drive application from the App Store before connecting the Wi-Drive to their device. A video with a demonstration of the solution is also available here:

Kingston offers Wi-Drive in both 16GB and 32GB sizes and the product will be available for purchase in late June 2011.

Kingston Wi-Drive Features and Specifications:

Capacities*: 16GB, 32GB
Dimensions: 121.5mm x 61.8mm x 9.8mm
Operating Temperature: 32F to 122F (0C to 50C)
Storage Temperature: 14F to 185F (-10C to 70C)
Wireless Network Interface: Wi-Fi 802.11g/n with wireless security (WPA/WEP)
Rechargeable Battery: up to four hours of continuous use
Cable: Mini-USB to USB cable included. User can upload files and content from their PC/Mac to the Wi-Drive using the USB cable
Portable: Uses Flash-based technology for durability and reliability
Convenient: pocket-sized for easy transportability
Simple: just plug into a USB port
Guaranteed: one-year warranty
App: downloadable at Apples App Store
Compatible with: iPad, iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod touch (3G is limited to iOS 4.2.1+)
Configurable APN (access point name) and Key functions to connect to Wireless Access Point (Internet Connection)
Supported File Formats:
Audio: AAC, MP3, WAV
Video: m4v, mp4, mov, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG), AVI
Image: jpg, bmp, tiff
Document: pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, txt, rtf, xls

* Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and thus is not available for data storage. For more information, please consult Kingstons Flash Memory Guide at

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