Keeping Those Negative Waves At Bay

Can the electromagnetic waves generated by wireless networks be harmful to certain people’s health? A woman from London, UK, seems to think so. Encouraged by dubious pseudo-scientific websites such as, she is convinced that her various symptoms – ranging from mere dizziness to the feeling of receiving an electric shock – are caused by those radiations. She went as far as discarding all her electrical appliances, having her wallpaper lined with tinfoil, and she always wears this strange beekeeper-style hat when she goes out.

From a medical point of view, there has been no link established between exposure to strong electromagnetic fields and diseases. If it were the case, scientists working with NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) machines would be off sick more often than others. However, a statistical correlation was found with the incidence of leukemia in children living close to high-voltage power lines. So should we take this woman’s claims seriously? In the meantime, she may be no beekeeper, but she does sound like she’s got a bee in her bonnet!

No, she’s NOT a beekeeper. This woman believes that her bizarre headgear can save her from the dangerous electrosmog all around us. Can she possibly be right?

Source: Daily Mail

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