You already know about the new Microsoft Surface Studio all-in-one PC with the new Surface Dial puck-based interface. But what else went down and got revealed at the Microsoft event?

So 3D, Much Creative, Wow!

As it wasn’t already obvious enough with the approach the company took with the Surface Studio, Microsoft is really pushing into the creative space. This is further epitomized by what they’re calling the Windows 10 Creators Update. It’s an update for the OS that’ll deliver a bunch of new features early next year, particularly in regards to 3D.

You might remember the totally new version of Microsoft Paint that was leaked earlier this month. That’s real. You can use a new “magic select” tool to isolate objects, erasing the background behind them. You can doodle in 2D and 3D, mixing the two together to your heart’s delight. But that’s not where 3D ends.

Microsoft really wants to go all three-dimensional with a lot of what they do and this includes 3D printing. With a compatible smartphone (Windows at first, other platforms later), you can scan a real life object in 3D and import it into Windows. The 3D effect will also get into productivity apps, like 3D images in PowerPoint decks, and 3D emoji too. So creative!

Gaming and VR Too

Microsoft wants you to think they’re cool and hip and with it, so they’re launching a Twitch competitor called Beam. Not to be confused with Casey Neistat’s Beme, Beam is a game-streaming service that’ll integrate with Xbox One too. The update will also allow gamers to create and run their own tournaments within Xbox Live, complete with brackets.

At the Microsoft event, the company also indicated that they want to make virtual reality more accessible to the masses. To this end, they’re working with vendors like Acer, Lenovo and HP to produce cheaper headsets in the $299 range that don’t need super powerful computers to run. This will be based on a reference design, similar to what Google is doing with Daydream.

Just Below the Surface

Far less exciting than the Surface Studio is the update to the Surface Book. Microsoft’s laptop was pretty great when it was first announced and this is more of a Book 1.5 than it is a proper second gen. The dimensions are just a touch different and you get some spec upgrades with better graphics, a 16-hour battery, and the newest i7 chips. Pricing starts at $1,499 with shipments going out next month.

Finally, there’s something called Shoulder Taps. When one of your contacts wants to get your attention, they can send an emoji that’ll pop up above their icon on your taskbar. It’s like a Facebook poke, but emoji-er. You can nab the Windows 10 Creators Update starting today and the final release will roll out early next year. And yes, it’s free.


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