The early reviews for the iPhone 6 (as well as its big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus) have been largely positive. However, the real test began when the phone made its way into consumer hands. The iPhone 6 has been available in North America for less than a week, and while it’s selling like hotcakes, the feedback from the masses has been much less positive than the initial reviews. The iPhone 6 is not without its problems.

These stories of iPhone 6 issues have come from all over the web. It’s always possible that some of them are exaggerated, misconstrued, or completely fabricated, but the sheer number of complaints – especially those regarding similar issues – is very much worth nothing.

Of all the iPhone 6 issues being reported, I think the one with most legitmacy is the problematic battery life, given that it was an issue also harped on in several of the early reviews. Simply put, the iPhone 6 battery life is leaving a lot of consumers wanting and it looks like the culprit is iOS 8. One user even reported a lifespan as short as 4 hours with minimal usage. The same user claims the battery life on his or her iPhone 5S was severly affected after upgrading to iOS 8. The Xperia Z3 it ain’t.

Then there’s the issue of the heat that the phone gives off, namely when some unseen force is draining the battery. iPhone in Canada ran their own tests and found that their iPhone 6 Plus, which has the better battery of the two new models, goes dead faster than their iPhone 5S does. Through process of elimination they narrowed the cause down to what they believe must be a bug of some sort in iOS 8.

Then there’s reports of miscellaneous issues with iOS 8 regarding video playback, iMessage, the onscreen keyboard, and more.


While these are all serious issues, none of them are as alarming as reports that the iPhone 6 has been physically bending after less than twenty-four hours in the pockets of some consumers. Apple has always prided itself on being able to produce light, thin products, but it looks like that design philosophy may be coming back to bite them. Mobile electronics are delicate, to be sure, but what’s the use of having a cellphone if it can’t survive being in your pocket all day?

In light of all these iPhone 6 issues, the most upsetting thing has been Apple’s response, which has been silence. Many speculate that all of the issues on the software side will be resolved in a future update, but there’s no word on when that update is coming, nor does anyone have a solution for the bending issue.

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