This morning saw the announcement of the new HTC One at a worldwide launch event. Details about the phone have been slowly leaking for a few months now, but with the official announcement we get a solid, concrete picture (both literally and figuratively) and that picture is looking pretty nice.

The new HTC One will feature a 5-inch, 1080p screen, a Snapdragon 801 processor, and, in response to a major complaint about the previous iteration of the phone, a microSD card slot. Aesthetically, it carries the same brushed metal design as its predecessor, though it’s “a little more rounded and made of a slightly softer metal.”

It will run a new version of Sense Android that has been rebuilt from the ground up. Internally it’s been called “Sixth Sense” due to it being the sixth iteration of the software. The software on the new HTC One still offers BlinkFeed, Zoe, and television remote capabilities, but in a more intuitive framework. You will notice that the touch-sensitive buttons have been removed in favor of on-screen buttons too.

More details will likely be announced in the days to follow.

via The Verge

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