You know you're too attached to your gadgets when you simply have to bring a phone on a camping trip. OK, so most people's idea of camping isn't exactly the same as mine, but then most people would be in a campground with running water and electrical hookups. This is geared toward people who camp like I do: wilderness. No electricity. No phone lines. No running water. If you didn't bring it with you, it ain't there.

But then, you brought your cell phone? Really?

Sure, there are countless stories, some of which have been made into high-grossing movies, about people whose cell phones in wilderness areas actually saved their lives. I guess this would be good for an emergency.

How it works, is you place the Hitochaja HC-5 over a campfire full of water. As the water boils, it converts excess heat into a five volt DC, 2 watt stream of power. That is enough juice to fully charge an iPhone in 3-5 hours. Just don't forget to refill the pan, because it's not big enough to hold enough water to last that long. What is unclear to me is how you keep the cord from melting when the pot is sitting over an open flame. I sense that this could be a rather large problem.

The bonus to this is it's incredibly environmentally friendly. You were probably going to boil some water for something anyway, so you might as well get some use out of it while you're at it. And who knows, maybe you can make some soup! It doesn't specify that it has to be water in there.

These are new on the market, and you can get one for 23,000 yen (or about $285.00 US).

Source: Red Ferret

  • Florencekyarikunda

    please tell me about the ingredients and the make of the pot

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