Google isn’t set to officially unveil its latest flagship smartphone until some time next month. Even so, the Internet has been utterly awashed in plenty of Google Pixel 3 leaks, including plenty of photos and leaked specs. But what if it was one big misdirection play? What if Google had been planning this all along.

Hear me out. There’s a wild theory making its rounds today. It says that Google has been purposely orchestrating all of those Pixel 3 leaks, including how everyone is admonishing that giant notch.

Remember that Pixel 3 left in the back of a Lyft? That may have been Google’s doing too.

According to YouTube channel Front Page tech, whose video is embedded below if you care to watch, someone from the hardware team at Google reached out and ask if they could use a clip from a previous video. It’s not out of the ordinary for companies to ask for permission to use video clips, but these clips are usually positive. They want to use them in marketing materials to say how great their stuff is.

But Front Page Tech was asked for permission about a video where they are disappointed about the Pixel 3 leaks. Google has apparently reached out to a “handful” of YouTubers who have said similar things about “how terrible the phone looks.” But why? Why would Google want to do this?

Because maybe we’ve all been had. The leaked photos of the upcoming smartphone might not be the real deal after all. Instead, they’re planted there to get everyone in a tizzy, just so they can turn around and reveal the “real” phone to everyone’s surprise and excitement. It’s a wild theory, to be sure. If true, though, Google may have pulled off one of the best marketing stunts in recent memory.


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