Can Google get any more spectacular? That was rhetorical because no, they can’t. Yesterday I reported on Google Fiber, Google’s new Internet and television service that they’re currently rolling out across Kansas City. The service sounds stellar and now they’ve just added icing to the cake. Those who pay for the $120/month package, which includes both Internet and television, will receive a free Google Nexus 7 tablet which will act as both a remote control and a portable media player.

It will presumably do other tablet stuff, because it is a free tablet PC. We don’t know if this is the 8GB or 16GB model, but I would assume that it’s the 8GB model. It is Google, however, so maybe not. This is particularly exciting for me for whenever Google Fiber rolls out to California, because it will give me the justification I seek to finally buy a tablet.

via The Verge

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