I love Google Drive. I pay Google two bucks a month to back up a gig of stuff that I will likely never, ever need again; a gig of stuff likely comprised of memes and opening paragraphs to stories I will never finish. Regardless, cloud storage is vital, and Google Drive is about to get a whole lot better.

As it stands now, any file on your computer that you want synced to Google Drive has to reside in the drive folder. Google is rolling out an update that will let you point the app to any folder on your computer, making it much easier to back things up. The new app, Backup and Sync, will replace both the Google Drive app and the Google Photos Backup app.

There are still some questions as to how exactly the app will work, especially in regards to updated files being re-downloaded on other computers, but this is definitely a great addition and a step in the right direction.

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