You know that Facebook friend everybody has who has like 800 friends on their account and you know they only actually know maybe half at most? That’s Google Assistant now. It’s been making friends left and right, befriending anybody who will talk to it – dishwashers, doorbells, thermostats, vacuums, washers – you name it. Devices supporting Google’s digital assistant have tripled in the last four months.

In January, the number was 1,500, but now it’s rocketed to 5,000. In addition to the above mentioned products, those are also heaters, AC units, refrigerators, ovens, lights, plugs, and more. It’s easy to see how the number got so high considering the wide variety of compatible machinery.

Google kicked off the year by aggressively pushing their assistant and it seems to be paying off, especially when you compare it to the 195 products that are compatible with Apple’s Homekit.

Apple, however, isn’t who Google should be concerned with. Amazon is the king of the digital assistant space and Alexa isn’t going to take kindly to Google honing in on her space. Amazon’s assistant is currently compatible with over 12,000 devices, so Google definitely has a mountain to climb.

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