There are LAN events and then there are eSports LAN events. The big difference between the two is the same difference you would expect from anything with “Industrial Strength” in its description. The first eSports LAN event this year is GIGABYTE eSports LAN.

Its just like your local LAN party events, only that it is bigger and more badass. At GESL, there will be two major tournaments with huge prizes. There will be $11,000 worth of prizes for StarCraft 2 tournament and $10,000 in prizes for a League of Legends tournament, plus all the bragging rights you want.

Not a fan of tournaments or just don’t think you have the skills to compete with the pros? No problem. You can be a spectator and just enjoy the show itself at a lower premium. But why just sit on the sidelines when you can take part in the Case Mod Competition or enjoy the workshops the sponsors will be putting on to show off their cool new big boy toys. With more than 20 sponsors and case modders from around the country, I am sure there will be plenty to ogle.

In addition to awesome tournaments, over $20,000 in prizes, and workshops from your favorite companies, there will also be raffles to just give away awesome PC gear. I don’t mean the regular swag like unique t-shirts, thumb drives, and hats. There will be that too, but I mean entire high-end gaming systems and other high-end components like cases, CPUs, graphics cards, memory and motherboards. How can you pass this up? Find more details about how to signup for the tournaments or just buy your pass below.

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— GIGABYTE USA Announces “GIGABYTE eSports LAN” —

— Calling out all eSports Enthusiasts —

California, May 14, 2012– GIGABYTE TECHNOLGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced its first North America eSports event, the GIGABYTE eSports LAN (GESL) which will take place on June 15-17th, 2012 at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, CA. (Better known as Cal Poly Pomona).

GIGABYTE introduced the G1-Killer Series of gaming motherboards with the LGA 1366 Intel X58 platform with unique features like onboard Qualcomm Killer networking and Creative audio. With the latest LGA 1155 Intel 7-series launch, GIGABYTE has added new members to the G1-Killer family, the G1.Sniper 3 and the Micro-ATX form factor G1.Sniper M3. Equipped with the latest Intel Z77 Express Chipset, the G1.Sniper 3 motherboard harnesses the outstanding performance of the new 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors using an exclusive “All Digital” VRM design. GIGABYTE 3D Power and GIGABYTE 3D BIOS (Dual UEFI) mean that G1.Sniper 3 and G1.Sniper M3 motherboards ensure exceptional power delivery and absolute control.

To learn more about GIGABYTE Intel 7-series motherboard, visit:

In support of the eSport community, GIGABYTE is partnering with Intel LANFest to host the GESL event, offering a variety of gaming experiences gamers of all abilities. Professional competition brings lots of excitement, testing every aspect of a player’s skill, talent, intelligence and even personality. The LANFest BYOC allows gamers to acquaint themselves with other players while making new friends and possibly gaming allies for the future.

To register the LANFest BYOC, visit:

The GESL features a wide range of contests and activities, including intense tournament competition among highly skilled professional players from around the world, a case mod contest for computer modders to show off their latest case mod creations, face to face workshops with computer hardware industry leaders, and tons of swag, prizes and giveaways.

Tournament Competition

The GESL includes several pro-gaming teams and organizations. The professional competition will feature a $11,000 Star Craft 2 tournament and a $10,000 League of Legends tournament.

Spectator badge ($15) is available at:

Case Mod Competition

The GESL has teamed up with CPU Magazine to host a case mod contest for all hardware enthusiasts to show off their rigs and creations. All spectators and LANFest BYOC attendees may participate in the contest. A total of 5 winners will be selected and awarded; total estimated value of all prizes is $2,000 and CPU Magazine event coverage.


The workshop presentation or activities by sponsors will demonstrate their latest technologies. Face to face interaction with industry leaders and representatives for feedback and experience exchange.

Event Raffle

The GESL will raffle and give away high-end gaming systems, CPUs, Motherboards, Graphic Cards, Memories, Cases, Power Supplies and lots of swags at event.

The GIGABYTE eSports LAN event would not be possible without our generous support of the event’s sponsors. GIGABYTE eSports LAN is co-sponsored by Kingston and Cooler Master.

Other sponsors include Intel, Newegg, Dolby, Thermaltake, Patriot Memory, Enermax, Antec, NZXT, SoCal eSports, Cyberpower PC, Western Digital, Qualcomm, InWin , Zalman, BenQ, TwitchTV, Red Bull, Cyber Sports Network, End of Reality and CPU Magazine.

To learn more about the GIGABYTE eSports LAN (GESL), visit:


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