People who use dating site eHarmony may be sharing their most intimate secrets, but not in the way that they hoped when they signed up for the service. The site has confirmed that they were hacked and that a portion of member passwords were compromised. The company claims that it was only a "small fraction" of passwords that leaked, but that small fraction of eHarmony's userbase amounts to 1.5 million passwords.

The site has reset all of the passwords of all of the affected members, but that only protects their eHarmony accounts. If you suspect that your password was compromised and if you use that password elsewhere, we strongly suggest that you change it immediately. The popular networking site LinkedIn suffered a similar attack earlier this week. With the rising popularity of such attacks, it's a good time to take stock of all of your passwords, make sure they're all lengthy and secure, and that you don't use the same password in multiple places.

via eHarmony

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