As our parents get older, we tend to worry about them more, especially if they are living alone. I get lucky in a way because I share a house with my mother, but I am often gone for whole days at a time for work, and she insists on doing things while I’m gone that would make me nervous even if I was standing next to her. Like for instance climbing up on a ladder to clean out the rain gutters, or taking it upon herself to get out the chain saw and trim tree branches. It’s not that she isn’t capable, it’s that she is 75 years old. Things can happen that would be infinitely more detrimental to her health and well-being than they would have been years ago.

Sonamba is a new monitoring system by pomdevices that will allow the elderly (or others with physical problems) to live independently while still keeping track of them in case of emergency. But it doesn’t just act as a rescue system (“I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”). It also functions as a communication device, and even has games included to help pass what might otherwise be boring times.

You can send email and text messages as well as share photos with Sonamba (it acts as a digital photo frame). It features a 7-inch touchscreen interface, is equipped with a motion and sound sensor, and can be set to “home” and “away”. Your favourite senior citizen can also use it to make notes, and it has a speaker so it can give them verbal reminders for various things such as when to take medication or an upcoming doctor’s visit. It also comes with a built-in emergency button and a separate waterproof panic button that can be worn on the wrist in case something does happen. It will send status updates to caregivers or whoever else needs to know via cellular connectivity.

Pricing depends on which service plan you wish to use. The activation fee is just $29.99 US, and monthly plans range from $39.00 US to $69.00 US. You should be aware that caregivers will be charged by their wireless carrier for any charges incurred during use. The initial price for the system is $549.99 US (additional monitors for more than one room are just $49.99 US each), and they offer flexible payment options.

Source: Ubergizmo

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