Soccer moms and random tourists alike want to have the ability to record spontaneous videos on the go, but they don’t want to mess with the complexities of shooting video using a point-and-shoot digital camera. That’s why devices like the Flip Video Ultra and original Creative Vado have been so popular.

A more recent trend has shown us that having a regular pocket camcorder isn’t good enough anymore. It wasn’t that long ago that we were introduced to the Flip Mino HD, a pocket camcorder that can shoot video at 720p. Well, just as the original Vado challenged the original Mino, Creative has now announced the availability of the Creative Vado HD.

As before, the Vado HD is functionally identical to the first Vado, except it can do video at 720p. It’s also cheaper than the Mino HD at just $199.99 (with free shipping). The key advantage that the Creative Vado HD has over the Flip Mino HD is that it comes with an integrated HDMI port, outputting 1080i video straight to your HDTV. That’s pretty neat!

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