In a rush to launch its own smartwatch product before the rumored Apple iWatch hits the market, it has been “confirmed” by Bloomberg that the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch will be revealed to the world at a special event in Berlin on September 4th. That’s less than three weeks away.

We’re hearing that the new smartwatch will be unveiled alongside the fully expected Galaxy Note III. The so-called Galaxy Gear isn’t going to be a standalone device that replaces your phone, but rather it’ll be a companion device to your existing smartphone. Of course, they’d love if that existing smartphone were a Samsung Galaxy device.

In terms of what you can do with it, the Galaxy Gear will reportedly have no problem accessing your email, showing your text messages, making phone calls and even surfing the Internet. My guess is that may work in a similar way to the Pebble Smartwatch and Sony SmartWatch 2 in that there will be special Galaxy Gear apps that tie into what you’re doing on your phone.

Interestingly enough, this is not the first smartwatch attempt by Samsung. They had the SPH-WP10 way back in 1999, followed by a “push-button” offering in 2003 and a sleeker model, shown above, from 2009. The S9110, as it was called, had a 1.76-inch touchscreen, 40MB of memory, voice recognition and email sync. It was 450 Euro at the time, but never caught on.

Remember that this was during the era of the failed Samsung Instinct too; Samsung has come a long way with its smartphones, so we should be expecting much bigger things with the Galaxy Gear. They might even toss in some fitness tracking, similar to what you get with the Jawbone Up, the Nike+ Fuelband and the Fitbit Flex.

Via The Independent

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