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Late last month, the Sony SmartWatch 2 was officially unveiled to the world with its larger touchscreen display and IP57 certification, but there were two important details missing from the announcement: pricing and release date. Well, it seems like both of those have now been answered.

The original SmartWatch debuted at $150 (and has since dropped to about $100), but it has now been revealed that its successor will start selling at a higher price of $180. To be fair, this "new" price was revealed by UK phone retailer Clove. They have the Sony SmartWatch 2 at 120 GBP including VAT, which works out to $180 American. Take away the VAT, though, and we're at 100 GBP, which is bang on the original's launch price of $150. And UK pricing isn't necessarily indicative of US pricing either.

The other snippet is even more intriguing. A September release window was rumored, but Clove is saying that gadget enthusiasts will be able to buy the SmartWatch 2 starting on July 15. The website is saying that the "first stock" is expected to arrive that week. Will this translate to a similar release schedule on our side of the pond? I guess we'll find out in a week's time.

Are you more interested in Sony's sophomore entry into the smartwatch arena? Or do you prefer the e-ink screen of the Pebble smartwatch that you can now get at Best Buy (if they have any in stock) for $149?

Via Intomobile