You know the new family of Nokia X Android smartphones that were announced this week at MWC? If you were hoping to grab one on the cheap, and you happen to live in Canada or the United States, it sounds like you’re going to be out of luck.

Nokia has now officially confirmed that it will not be selling the Nokia X, Nokia X+ or Nokia XL in any sort of official capacity in North America. They don’t plan on selling it in Korea or Japan either, even though the Nokia X family is being billed as “global products.” Instead, Nokia Vice-President of Mobile Phone Marketing Jussi Nevanlinna says that they “have a particular focus on growth markets — for example, India and China, Thailand and Indonesia, then over to Egypt, Kenya and Nigeria, and South America, especially countries like Brazil and Mexico.”

The goal is to help transition users away from “feature phones” and into the realm of “smartphones” without having them fork out $500 or more for a flagship caliber device. When you consider emerging markets, the real growth area will be toward the lower end of the smartphone spectrum.

With the inclusion of Mexico, I guess you could say that the Nokia X is coming to North America, but don’t expect to find it in Vancouver or Vermont any time soon. I guess this is just as well, as the specs are decidedly anemic by our standards, even if the starting price is only about $120. For a few bucks more, it seems like the Moto G could be a better deal anyhow. And we have yet to hear if the new Asus ZenFone line will be coming here either.

Via Mobileburn

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