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Nintendo NES Takes The Cake!

Actually, more accurately, it IS the cake... The detail is impeccable! This cake even has the pinouts for the controllers all the way down to the power LED on the left side. It's a shame that this ... Continued
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Clean Install on Vista? Yes You Can!

Some people have been losing sleep over the "what if" question of upgrading to Windows Vista, and having it screw up. Then not having the option to go back to Windows XP because Windows Vista ate their license... Continued
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We Missed the Palm Pilot’s Birthday?

I don't know how we missed it, but January 29th was the 11th anniversary of the official unveiling of the first Palm Pilot. It was launched in the fall of 96' but this guy says there was an event calle... Continued
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A Prettier Pirate?

Arrrrrrrr! No, we're not talking Johnny Depp! One of the most visited bit torrent trackers on the internet, if not the most infamous, got a facelift recently. The addition of AJAX to the features o... Continued
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Vista: Ready to Melt Your Face Off

Whether you like it or not, Windows Vista is going to be here on Tuesday. It will affect fan-boys and haters alike, because Microsoft orders their ampilifiers custom, with knobs that go up to eleven. The laun... Continued
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The Pope: Not a Video Game Fan

I guess the "Holy One" hasn't played the Nintendo Wii yet. Someone get this man a Wii... VATICAN CITY (Reuters) -- Pope Benedict said on Wednesday that the media were "perverse" and harmed children when they ... Continued