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Dubai Gets a Solar Powered Rotating Tower

Already home to the world's tallest tower, biggest mall and largest man-made island Dubai's latest architectural marvel is a huge rotating tower that will rotate 360 degrees over the course of a day. T... Continued
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The Self Driving WheelChair

As scary as it would be riding in a wheelchair that drove itself, imagine seeing one with no passenger... “MICA is connected to the Internet and can be remote controlled or driven manually, but can also navi... Continued
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Wow Wee’s New DragonFly Robot

Wow Wee, known for their RoboSapien and RoboRaptor toys have just released flying robot dragonfly. T3 Online posted this video to YouTube. If it is anything like flying one of those mini RC helicopters,... Continued
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I Command Thee Robot!

With the power of my mind, I can use my robot to level a city! Not quite... The commands are limited to moving forward, picking up one of two objects and bringing it to one of two locations. The rese... Continued
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One Wii costs Nintendo $158 to make

A Japanese site broke down the Wii piece by piece and determined that one Wii costs Nintendo $158 to make, sans controllers. Basically proving that Nintendo makes gobs of money with each console sold compared t... Continued
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The Royals Choose Samsung

It appears that Samsung has finally been appointed as the Royal TV Supplier for England. After asking for brochures in June, the Queen has finally decreed that Samsung LCD and Plasma TV's are fit for royalty. ... Continued
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iPod: Will it Blend?

I kid you not. They do indeed blend it. Though some would say that it belongs there. Why did they do it? Because they can. Definitely something you DON'T want to try at home. Source: Will It Blend?... Continued