This is just neat. No, I have no idea why you would need to take 360-degree pictures with your phone, but in case you suddenly feel the urge, now you can do it! I suppose if you design travel brochures or are really into sharing your vacation pictures, this would be handy. Me, I have this vision of visiting my best friend at Lake Tahoe and taking a picture from the paddle boat in the middle of the lake. Which I just might do.

The BubbleScope is an optical attachment which, as you can guess, allows you to take 360-degree photos and video using the camera built into your smartphone. It uses BubblePix software to “do the smart stuff”, and has a tripod mount on the base so your pictures don’t come out blurry because your hands are shaking with the excitement of it all. The software also gives you access to an online community so you can share your cool pictures with the world.

Unfortunately, this is still a dream project at present, as the developers are still looking for funding. But if it actually becomes available, it is expected to retail for approximately £50 a unit.

Source: Red Ferret

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