Will this always-listening smart speaker ever cease to amaze me? You can already ask your Amazon Echo to get some pizza delivered or to order you an Uber, but now you can pay for that pizza and Uber too. Capital One has announced that you can now access your banking account using only your voice through Amazon Echo.

This works with all Alexa-enabled devices, so that includes the new Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap, as well as the Amazon Fire TV. This latest skill can be added to your Echo’s repertoire the same way you add any of its other skills.

Once you’ve gone through the setup process to connect your banking information, you can then ask Alexa to tell you about your available funds, your outstanding balance, and your recent transactions. You can even ask Alexa to pay your credit card bill… though of course you’re still actually paying for it with your own money.

You do have the option of adding a 4-digit passcode, but I imagine screaming out your passcode across the room isn’t necessarily the most secure thing in the world either. Maybe I’m a Luddite. I’m the kind of person who avoids doing any banking at all through my smartphone, let alone an always connected, always listening speaker.

But if you want to check up on your checking account without lifting a finger, you can do that with Alexa now. Assuming that Capital One is in your wallet.

Via VentureBeat

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