Back to school used to mean loading up on lined paper and yellow rulers. Maybe I’m just showing my age (GET OFF MY LAWN!), but kids these days are far more inclined to be educated in a digital fashion than an analog one and they want to look good doing it. As they do every year, Apple has once again come forward with a back to school promotion and it involves a set of free Beats headphones. Free is good.

If you go ahead and buy a Mac computer through Apple’s Education Pricing program, then the good old boys and gals in Cupertino will toss in a pair of Beats Solo2 headphones gratis. Sure, the free Beats headphones probably won’t help you much with your algebra homework, but they could be useful for the audiobooks you’ll surely listen to on your way to class. Because you obviously won’t use these headphones for nefarious purposes like music and gaming. Obviously.

The promotion for the free Beats Solo2 headphones require you to purchase an “iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, [or] Mac Pro.” These can be the off-the-shelf models or the configure-to-order versions. It’s up to you. The debate can rage on about whether laptops or tablets are better for school, but of the two, only the laptop will score you a free set of cans. If you’re not a student, you can still get a pair of Solo2 headphones ($200 value) for $100 when you buy a Mac.

Apple will be running this back to school promotion until September 18 in Canada and the United States.

Via The Verge

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