Apple Pay is officially live in Canada for American Express users, but as of the time of this writing, you have to set your iPhone region to USA. If it’s set to Canada, you won’t be the option to add a credit card to Apply Pay, but switching regions is an easy enough fix. By the time this post goes up, however, Apple will have likely released official Apple Pay support with iOS 9.2.

Of course, this means that only American Express users can use Apple Pay right now, but if you have an AMEX card, good for you! Gary Ng from iPhone in Canada detailed his process of adding and activating his AMEX card through Apple Pay, so be sure to hit them up if you have trouble. It seems like a pretty straightforward process, though. He even explains how to add the service to your Apple Watch for added convienence.

Canada is now the third country to get support for Apple Pay, following the US and the UK. Limiting the debut to American Express makes for a pretty limited roll out, but word is that other banks are hesitant to jump on board because they’re developing their own mobile apps.


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