The Apple iPhone X is here and the general consensus is that it’s pretty radical. Despite the high praise, nothing is perfect, and Apple’s latest has encountered a few hardware issues as of late. Both affect the OLED screen, though in different ways. One is cosmetic and permanent, while the other is functional and temporary. This is the worst game of Would You Rather? ever!

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S7’s OLED screen suffered an issue with a pink line showing up on some displays. Now the iPhone X is experiencing the same issue, only the line is green. It’s shown up on a handful of displays, usually on the left or right edge, and not even a factory reset can make it go away. There are theories as to what’s causing it, such as an issue with the green sub-pixels, but as of right now there is no definitive fix outside of sending your phone to Apple for a replacement.

Apple’s woes don’t end there, however. Cold weather – sudden cold weather, to be exact – is causing a much more serious though thankfully temporary issue. Some users are reporting that when they take their phones out into the cold, the touch screen stops recognizing their input. It even happens in Apple’s recommended ambient temperature range, which is 0 to 35 Celsius. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that the company is already working on a fix. In the meantime, users can lock and unlock the screen to get the touchscreen working again.

Launches of this magnitude always have a few hiccups. Apple seems to be responding promptly to the issues that are popping up, so there’s no reason for iPhone users to worry about the fate of their new handsets. The iPhone X is new and different, so there were always going to be bumps in the road.


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