Many people will tell you that online shopping is killing the traditional retail experience and few industries are being hit quite as hard as the regular old bookstore. People will that you that it's because of Amazon that mom-and-pop bookstores are closing their doors, but now things might be going in the opposite direction. Apparently, there's going to be a physical Amazon Store opening up in New York City.

And as big of a presence that Amazon has online, it's ensuring that it snags up some prime Midtown Manhattan real estate too. The New York Amazon Store will reportedly be opening at 7 West 34th Street, which is directly across the street from the Empire State Building. It doesn't get much more central than that! The store will be opening up in time for the holiday shopping season, giving customers plenty of opportunity to try out the newest family of Kindle eReaders and Kindle Fire tablets.

In addition to being a showroom for its own line of products, the brick-and-mortar Amazon Store will also be a place where New Yorkers can enjoy some same day delivery service, as well as a place to deal with product returns if you decide that new $99 Kindle Fire HD6 isn't cutting the mustard for you. They're saying it'll act like a mini warehouse, so we hope you can actually buy stuff from the store too. Otherwise, you'll just have to whip out your new Fire Phone, place an order through the Amazon app, and casually linger in the store until the app says your order is ready for pickup.


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