Rumors have been swirling for almost a year now that Amazon is working on an Echo device with a screen. And why wouldn't they? It definitely seems like the logical next step in progression. Now, thanks to AFTVnews, we might have the first look at it.

The image above looks the way it looks because it's a blown up thumbnail found on Amazon's own servers. As far as anyone can tell, it's not a device that anyone has seen before. And AFTVnews were the ones who leaked the Echo Look before it was announced, so they deserve some credibility in this department.

With this leak comes a lot of question, namely what OS is it going to run? Fire OS, Amazon's build of Android for Fire devices, or something entirely new? Another question is what the screen will display, but one can assume that it's going to be used to better deliver information and otherwise expand on the Echo's core use.

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