Have you ever wondered what the weather was like in a far off place? It happens to me all the time, especially when the weather where I am is of the nasty variety. At least once a winter, for instance, I find myself jacking the thermostat up, putting on some Jimmy Buffett, and pretending like I’m actually in St. Somewhere rather than the frozen reality around me. I have to admit it has never once crossed my mind in mid-summer to pretend it’s cold out, though… I’m more a warm climate kind of girl.

Pei-Chih Deng has submitted a design to the Electrolux Design Lab that can simulate the weather in pretty much any location for you without requiring you to ever leave home. What you do is search for the place where you want to take a mental vacation, and highlight it under the virtual globe’s magnifying view finder. Then choose the local date, time, and other factors you wish to experience, and all those things will show up on the view finder so you can make sure you’ve got the right settings.


Once you’ve got your location and other data set, just press the view finder so it touches the surface of the virtual globe. Air Globe then begins making the same atmosphere in your house, and after a while it’ll feel like you’re there. I’m not sure how it does that, and obviously there are some things it won’t be practical for it to replicate (precipitation in any form leaps to mind), but it certainly seems like a neat idea! I would love to be able to change my living room from Michigan in winter to Honolulu in summer simply by spinning some rings and pushing a button.

In addition to temperature, Air Globe will also simulate appropriate humidity, smell and sound for your chosen location. Imagine closing your eyes, leaning back, and smelling the ocean while hearing its waves crashing on the beach. Now imagine doing that when you know darn well just outside your window is six feet of snow and sub-zero temperatures. He’s really onto something here!

Air Globe is currently in Stage Two (Concept Development), so there’s no way of knowing if or when it’ll ever become a reality. But I’ll be among the first in line if it does make it.

Source: Yanko Design

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