Apple is currently facing a lawsuit from A123 Systems, who claim that the Cupertino-based corporation has been “systematically hiring away” top employees from the battery manufacturer in order to start a battery division of their own.

According to A123, it all started back in June 2014 when the first of five employees left under what they’re calling suspicious circumstances. A search of the employees’ computers found a string of emails between the employees in question and Apple’s hiring staff, and A123 also claims that one of their former workers helped Apple recruit others. All five employees were working under contracts with noncompete and nondisclosure obligations and their leaving the company has forced A123 to shut down the projects they were working on.

A123’s technology has been used almost exclusively in electric cars, and Apple is rumored to be working on an electric car of their own, so if A123’s claims are true then the poaching and Apple’s electric car plans are no doubt related. It makes sense that Apple would go after the top talent (and they must be top talent if their departure caused projects to shut down), but Applemight want to be more careful with how they go about the hiring process.

via The Verge

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