While you may not exactly be able to ride your Warthog to the grocery store to pick up some eggs, you will soon be able to ride in true Spartan style with this Halo-inspired motorcycle helmet. The replica Master Chief helmet doesn’t come from a traditional motorcycle accessory company, however, as it is being designed and produced by NECA, a toy maker.

Does this mean you’ll end up with a delicate Master Chief helmet that is only suitable for display on your mantle? Not at all! NECA has undergone the process of making this a fully functional motorcycle helmet that is completely DOT approved (US Department of Transportation), so you can really ride your real bike while looking like one badass soldier of war.

Aside from the obvious geek appeal, the helmet itself is actually really functionally designed too. There’s a reflective shield with UV protection on the front, front air intakes to prevent fogging of that shield, rear exhaust vents to keep the air flowing, and removable top and cheek pads for the best fit. NECA has indicated that the design is “not final” yet, but the Master Chief bike helmet–to be available in four sizes–should ship in time for the second half of riding season in July. Pricing has not yet been determined.

Via Polygon

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