There are a few things that will always go straight after my little pliable heartstrings. First, put up just about anything related to retro gaming from the 80s and 90s and you’ll likely get my attention. Second, tell me almost anything about Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki and you’ll have me captivated. Put the two together, as is the case here with an 8-bit re-imagining of Spirited Away, and you’ve got pure magic.

The awesome animators over at CineFix recently uploaded their latest installment in the 8 Bit Cinema series, giving us a look at what the classic Spirited Away anime movie would look like if were a side-scrolling JRPG from the late 80s. I can totally imagine something like this on the NES or SNES, except I never really got into RPGs. Seeing those iconic characters re-envisioned in a pixelated 8-bit form is pretty nifty.

So, on this mildly sleepy and lazy weekend, sit back and relax for a little over four minutes and enjoy some retro-infused goodness. The adventures of Chihiro and Yubaba await!

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