That’s right. It’s the giving that keeps on giving! We love giving away free stuff, so following up on our first two contests, we’re launching yet another giveaway. What better way to celebrate the third ever contest on MegaTechNews than to give away not one, not two, but THREE PRIZES. Yay!

What Can I Win?

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Zalman for this contest, so let’s start with what’s up for grabs.

First, there is the Zalman ZM-VE200 in black. This is an external hard drive enclosure that will take a 2.5-inch drive of your choosing, but it comes with an added secret: you can load ISO files on here and it will act as a virtual optical drive, allowing you sift through the virtual discs at will.

Second, we have the Zalman ZM-NSP100 clip-on notebook speakers. These handy speakers are plug-and-play via the single USB connection, which provides both the audio source and the power. We’ve got the black set to give away.

Finally, we have the Zalman ZM-HE100. This hard drive enclosure is essentially the same as the ZM-VE200 that you see above, but without the ISO crunching bonus function.

How to Enter

Now that you know what you can win, you probably want to know how you can win. It’s all about the Twitter. Follow these simple instructions.

1. Follow MegaTechNews on Twitter
2. Follow Zalman USA on Twitter
3. Send out the following tweet:

I just entered to win cool gear from @ZalmanUSA & @MegaTechNews. You can enter too! Click Here!

4. Post a comment in this post saying that you’ve completed the above three steps.

If you want to make sure that your entry is valid, feel free to also include a link to the tweet that you sent out. You can get the link to a specific tweet by clicking on the timestamp of that tweet. Like this:

That’s it. So just to recap, up for grabs are the ZM-NSP100 speakers, the ZM-HE100 enclosure, and the ZM-VE200 virtual drive enclosure.

The contest is open until midnight Pacific time on April 12. That gives you exactly two weeks to enter. Only entries from within Canada and the United States are accepted for this contest. Don’t worry, international readers, we’ll surely have more stuff to give away very soon. Good luck!

UPDATE: The winners are posted here. Thanks for participating.

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